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New: Audio Book Version: The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online is a romantic tell-all memoir spanning over 250 online dates in almost 15 years. I felt it was important to spot the red flags in an online dating profile, laugh along the way, and help others who had to start their lives over again after a tearful breakup or a divorce. Seeing become a bestseller on its launch date brought me more joy than you’ll ever know. My online dating book is filled with heartfelt, witty, and hilarious stories, of which many of you will relate to. I just happened to be the first to write about my romantic journey in cyberspace. As a hopeful romantic, I decided to share my online dating stories with the world.

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“It might mean that he doesn’t have very good credit, so he has to use cash to pay for things,” says Bossler.“Just on the level of combined experiences, you’re making financial decisions together, even if it’s just going out to dinner,” she says.Before you head into a relationship that’s destined for dollar-related doom, take note of these clues on your next date.Compared to if you were computer dating, you could be stuck there [on a one-on-one date] all night.' said event regular Tim Kakascik, 65, of Steubenville.

Stephanie Strasburg | Tribune-Review Jean O'Leary of North Hills, and Ed Staiger of North Side dance the night away at the Saturday Night Singles event at the West View VFW on Saturday, February 23, 2013.According to a count by organizer Leslie Ferrari, the night's event brought 249 people through the VFW doors.

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