Geochronometers and radio carbon dating

07-Sep-2017 04:15

The second presentation at the April 2016 Bozeman young-Earth creation conference was “What You Haven’t Been Told About Radioisotope Dating” by Dr.

Jake Hebert of the Institute for Creation Research.

The effectiveness of the benzene line was tested firstly by preparing benzene from a wood sample after carbide and acetylene receiving.

Normalization and standardization of the liquid scintillation counter was carried out, as well as the Factor of Merit (E2/B) was determined for three different counting regions.

Over the years I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about radiometric dating techniques as compared to other means of estimating elapsed time.

But why is this topic so interesting and important for me?

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One of the key assumptions in radiometric dating is that we can know how fast the radioactive parent element decays into the radiogenic daughter element.It is also quite clear that these authors were actually trying to convey a literal historical narrative – not an allegory.